How Seeker Anti-Cheat Benefits Gamers Over traditional Anti-Cheat

We don’t install any code on the gamer’s computers.
We don’t search any files on a gamer’s computer.
We don’t require developers to install any code into their games.
We don’t have to patch or update the code.
We attack the cheat sites directly and remove their ability to offer cheats.
We investigate cheat site owners and gather info so they can be sued.
Once we go after a cheat site, we don’t stop until they are sued in a court of law for making illegal cheats.
We don’t punish legit players and only target the cheat makers.
We have many people who attack every aspect of cheat sites offering game cheats.
Instead of detecting cheats and banning one player, we go after the cheat site owners and take them down.
We care about the legit players, cheat sites don’t stand a chance.
We will sue cheat site owners to ensure they don’t produce or offer cheats again.
We’re not a game developer or publisher; 100% of our job is to remove cheat sites and game cheats.