Seeker Anti-Cheat

Questions & Answers

We’re different than other anti-cheat programs because we offer a more comprehensive suite of services. We do this by assisting with both prevention and enforcement so you can have peace in your game without having to worry about hackers taking over!


How are you different than other anti-cheats?

Anti-cheat companies look for cheaters inside games during online play. If you play PC games today, you know hacks are everywhere, meaning anti-cheat doesn’t work to remove all hackers.

Seeker anti-cheat attacks the cheats at their source. We don’t have any code to include in games, no false bans, no complaints from gamers.

Our company goes after the cheat website making the cheats. We’ve incorporated a solid system to find cheat site owners and sue them for making cheats that ruin games. We disable their ability to process payments and even get their entire site removed from search engines.



Who are you?

Seeker Anti-Cheat is a group of avid gamers; some are attorneys, and some are prior military. Our team came together after years of getting frustrated with anti-cheat never working.



Why do you ask for crowd funding?

It takes time and effort to find all the cheat sites, go to court, and remove websites from the internet. We currently use crowdfunding to fund every aspect of our work. In the future, we will employ more users and constantly search and remove any new cheat sites for games we cover. Crowdfunding is our only way to fund the project currently.



What games do you plan to cover?

We will cover any games publishers or developers contract with us. We send weekly reports to any developer who signs on to show them every website we remove. We plan to focus on popular first-person shooter games for PC and mobile.



How exactly does your anti-cheat work?

Payment Providers
1) We remove the cheat sites payment providers. We go as far as contacting each credit card company like Visa and Mastercard, etc., to have the entire site blacklisted. We then forward the site info to over 2000 payment providers on our list. If you can’t offer payment methods, you can’t provide cheats. We also remove crypto payments if the site offers them.

Search Engines
2) We remove the cheat sites from search. If someone wants a specific hack and looks for it online, we make it, so the site doesn’t appear in search. Many sites spend thousands on SEO to rank #1, and we get them removed. If people can’t find cheat websites, you can’t buy any cheats from them. We use our contacts for each search engine to remove these sites for illegal activities, Trademark, and Copyright violations.

Find Owners
3) Our investigation team uses legal practices to pull owner information from payment providers, web hosts, site themes, kernel certifications, and more. We always find the cheat site owners, and then we forward all our findings to the game developers and publishers who will sue to make sure the owners never make or offer cheats again.

Remove Chat
4) We cripple the cheat site’s ability to speak with their customers by taking down their Discord and Telegram channels. We contact chat providers and get the entire domain blacklisted.

Remove Advertising
5) We remove all videos from YouTube and other online video hosting providers; we also get these providers to blacklist the domains. We keep a daily check for new videos and quickly have them removed. Every step above happens in one or two days; the website gets hammered with a one-two punch!

Our team purchases cheats from all the cheat sites we go after. We monitor new releases, new chat links, new websites, etc. If they try to get around us, it simply won’t happen. Even if they cheat, sites require ID verification like a driver’s license, holding up an image, etc. we provide that by using one of our many volunteers who help us investigate.

We do NOT give cheat sites any warning and come after each site depending on various factors. If you run a cheat site and offer cheats to the gaming community, get ready for a new era of anti-cheat from Seeker!


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